Expert Grooming Tips For Your Havanese

Everyone wants to know the inside information about things; the tips and tricks to making something look easy. We’ll share some expert grooming tips with you so that you can make caring for your Havanese look effortlessly.

Keep It Short

Unless you’re planning on showing your dog, keeping his coat cut to a uniform shorter length will make maintenance brushing a lot easier on you while still providing responsible care for your Havanese. Let’s face it: your dog isn’t vain or self-conscious so you’re not going to hurt his feelings by keeping his coat shorter than show length. A shorter coat decreases drying time after a bath and helps prevent mats in case you can’t brush him as often as you need to.

Keep It Brushed

Regular brushing, while it may sometimes seem like a pain, gives you time to interact with your pet. Reassure him by patting his chest and back while brushing. This will help put him at ease and will simplify Havanese care for you.

Put Some Braids In

Since your dog has long hair you have the option to braid it. Specifically, we’re referring to the hair around his face. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, ask your groomer (hopefully they have some experience with Havanese). The braids serve to keep long hair out of the dog’s eyes and face, but don’t leave them in for long periods of time or the hair will mat.

Some Havanese owners choose to cord their dog’s coat. This is different from braiding and involves teasing the hair into dreadlocks. The drawback is that the dreadlocks are good at catching debris (leaves, sticks, Barbie dolls, etc.) and must be cleaned by hand. They can also rot if you inadvertently use conditioner on the cords at bath time. Unless you plan to show him, cording your dog may make Havanese care more time consuming, especially if your dog spends a good deal of time outdoors.

Oil Him Up!

You can purchase coat oil or dressing to use when brushing. If you oil the coat as you brush it will reduce static and hair breakage. If you encounter tangles while brushing, try to gently loosen them gently; don’t begin to brush roughly. Havanese care should be done gently.

With these tips and regular care, your dog should look good and feel good as well. Next find out about breeding your Havanese.

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