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Havanese Puppy Training

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Havanese Puppy Training


All of us dream of having the “perfect” pet – one that is polite, well behaved, friendly, and happy. This is a miracle that you can “make happen.”  If you have patience—lots of it, persistence, and determination one can have a “Havanese” that is a “Canine Good Citizen.”  

Just as we teach our children, the values of life so also, we must teach our Havanese. Learning starts from the very day they are born.

 The Learning Stages  

At 8 weeks of age: The Havanese must be taught simple everyday things:


·        Where his water dish is?

·        Which is his private nook in the house?

·        His daily schedule – eating, playing, bedtime, quite time, and bathrooming schedules. A routine has positive effects.

·        The meaning of “no.”

·        Who is boss?


 You can teach the infant simple things like house rules, housebreaking norms, crate training, being handled by you as well as others, as well as bite inhibition.  

When the Havanese is 3-4 months old: He can be taught simple commands: sit, stay, down, to come when called, to never run away, to walk politely on leash, to “give”—handover when asked, anything he has in his mouth, stop barking when you say “No Bark,” as well as people skills (socialization). 

When the Havanese is 4-6 months—the training becomes more intense and goes to a higher level. You can teach the pet eye contact, to listen attentively when you speak, hand gestures, to play fetch, to do tricks, to greet guests politely, to have a “Lie down” and rest, to recognize family members by name, play hide and seek, and more.   

Training Tips

  Havanese puppies are like human kids—you will find that the puppy is excitable, easily distracted, forgets what he has been taught, and is sometimes reluctant to learn. It is with long interaction with your dog that you learn what is feasible and what is not. 

o       Treat your Havanese with lots of love and respect—just as you like respect so does your Havanese. If you give him plenty of love, attention, nurturing,   as well as hugs and kisses from day one – the dog will learn to love you, allow you to take the place of its mother, respect you and look up to you for guidance. 

o       Always use a soft and calm tone with your Havanese. Shrill or loud tones only serve to excite the dog. To establish control over the dog, you need to speak to him in soft and firm tones. Teach the Havanese that you are in control of the situation and will handle all matters calmly. 

o       Always select a place to train that is a distraction free zone. This will help both you and the Havanese focus on the lesson and not the surroundings. Once learning becomes an established routine and the Havanese learns to concentrate, focus, and respond well to your commands you should gradually introduce distractions /disturbances in the form of people, noises, other dogs and so on. And soon you will find, that the Havanese responds to your commands even in public places. 

o       Keep a watch for the body language of the dog—you will be able to tell when he is distracted, when he is not in a mood to learn, when he is not focusing. Adjust to his needs – he too has good days and bad. Never force a dog or nag him. Go slow in the lessons -- if necessary, go back 2-3 steps before you go forward. 

o       Use only positive training methods—they work better and are enjoyable. 

o       Love, patience, and persistence are the three keys to efficient training.

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