By: Fiona Kelly
For a healthy and long life, the Havanese like all of us needs a balanced diet. They cannot be fed just meat –they need fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. How much your Havanese eats/needs really depends upon its weight, activity level, size, and more.

What sort of nutritious diet does a Havanese need?

Research shows that one cannot ensure that the Havanese gets all its needs from one meal.

Ideally: All the nutritional needs must be made available in food that is eaten over a week or so. New recommendations from experts who have studied the breed are: to feed the dog a diet that is close to what his ancestors in the wild ate. Recreate as closely as possible their natural choice of food. And, in natural conditions a Havanese would have eaten meat – skin, bones, internal organs, and muscle.

* Since it is an extremely difficult proposition for you, the pet-parent to offer a Havanese a whole dead rabbit --- do try and include raw meaty bones -- beef, lamb, chicken necks. As a Havanese need 20-30% fat, one should include raw mince that contains ground white fat.

* Include liver, sardines, kidneys, and brain in the food along with vegetable pulp, potatoes, and pumpkin.

* For a change, feed fresh eggs with milk and mashed fruit.

* To ensure that the Havanese gets minerals and vitamins you must add yeast, flax seed oil, canola oil, honey, yogurt, cheese, or wheat germ.

* Remember, you need to plan the diet and not give all of the above every day. If you are nervous, get a nutritionist to plan the meals for you.

How will you know the Havanese is in perfect health—you will know from their alert and happy attitudes, by their shiny coat and skin, by their health gums and strong teeth.

Sadly--Commercial pet food that contain preservatives are detrimental to a Havanese health. They cause:

• Itching.
• Hot spots.
• Dandruff.
• Excessive Shedding.
• Foot Licking.
• Face Rubbing.
• Loose Stools.
• Gassiness.

Many ailments are the result of a bad and imbalanced diet.
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